About the artist

Griff is an illustrator by night, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, where his creative flow bubbles up from his small, in-town studio.  Illustrating anything from children's books to sketching storyboards for commercials, or scaling walls to paint his murals, Griff's scope of work far extends throughout the art world.   This, of course, happens when he isn't off galavanting on a wild adventure with his husband, Rick T-King.  Griff, since his early childhood, and always never more than an arm's reach from a pen or pencil, has always been sketching, illustrating, or designing wild and wonderful things, which is  a definite testament to his colorful and thriving imagination.  

This curiosity led him through his young life, eventually bringing him to the doors of Clemson University in South Carolina, where he studied landscape architecture, honing the ingot of his raw talent into a refined, sharp, and unique style.  This, in turn, produced an award winning pupil, where he  graduated at the top of his class with an accredited BLA in 2009.  During this time, Griff embraced the opportunity to broaden his horizons by traveling the globe, expanding and feeding what was already, a vast and polychromatic imagination.  It was during this time and during moments of deep thought that the idea of Griff-iti was pulled from the aether. However, it wasn't until several years later that it became manifest and grew into what it is today.  

If you were to ask what sets him apart from the crowd, what his special gift would be, that gift would undoubtedly comprise his distinct ability to problem solve, analyze, and augment.  This plays well with his art, being versatile and quick to evolve at the drop of a hat, exploiting stylizations to their most minute detail.  This attribute, his creative critical thinking, along with his own unique luminous style, makes him a well versed and sought after artist.